We have our home in the northern parts of Sweden in the Dorotea kommun. Here we live together with our mini musher Luca and our beloved Alaskan Huskies. Almost all of them live in the kennel as active sleddogs while our old lady Nevada stays always close to us as housedog. Nevada is a retired sprint dog, an European Hound and she loves the comfort of a warm room and a pillow below her old bones. 

During the winter season we provide Sleddog Tours for guests. They join us for a great experience in the beautiful landscape of Swedish Lapland during winter time. We are happy to share the fascination about Huskies and Sleddog Tours with our guests. The smile on their faces during the tour is always the biggest reward for us.

From 1st of September we are providing fall training-tours, where guests have the chance to experience how we train before snowfall. They will enjoy a whole training session which includes harnessing the dogs, driving our motor-less Mazda pulled by the dogs and giving them the well-deserved snack after the successful run.

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This is how it looks like where we live