We have 20 dogs in our kennel, 13 females and 7 males:


Athena is a very shy but active husky. She is always jumping in the line as soon as you stop the sled!


Bronko is our only blue eyed husky and one of the favourites of our guests. Calm dog with a good running style.


The night of delivery of our latest litter we got six black puppies, a lighter one and one with clear brown marks: Brownie was born!


Nothing is more interesting then the two-legged creatures: Just go there and you'll get petted, hugged, kissed and lifted higher than heaven!


Our shy little pup is always checking whats going on before getting closer. But it doesn't take long, and she comes by to say hi and ask for a pet.


Bubu got her name because she was the most sleepy puppy during her first weeks in live. But that totally changed and nowadays it's hard to catch her sleeping.


This little fellow is the shyest of the youngest litter. He may come close with the hope to catch a pet, but still taking care to be not to close.


When Dots was born, he had three dots. To find one now is like searching for the famous needle in the haystack.


Goa is a very shy and quiet dog - except when it is feeding time, then she almost manages to jump-climb out of the pen.


Ingwer is a very lovely and cozy dog. Always nice to everybody and a very talk-active little female. She is our lightest adult.


Lady is our strongest female dog. Uphill with her in your team? You'll miss your exercise. She is also our dancing queen. After every meal she starts her dance.


Lumi is the ONE active sled dog we started our journey with. Sometimes she is a little bitch toward the other dogs. Lumi is our first and second breeding mum.


Mango is one of our most beautiful dogs in the kennel. He is very curious about the females especially the ones in heat, so much he even quits the meal sometimes.


Our beloved retired running flash. Housedog and overall boss accepted by anyone. Does not love younger and too energetic dogs anymore.


Pepa loves to play with other dogs and humans. She will take care, that you are clean in the face. She is the favorite grown up for the puppies, all of them love her.


Salt might be our upcoming super star. Running in (single) lead already in her very first winter season she definitely knows what she wants.


Our biggest dog came to us kennel in May 2017. Another very confident Alamo offspring with a great appetite.


Slimbo is our fastest dog but has some problems to respect his limits. No command leader but very good in the lead section to make some pressure in the front.


Stella is one part of our female power team together with her sister Lady. A strong body and iron will, if there is a fight, she will be in it.


Tyson is one of our main lead dogs, but has some social issues within our pack. He is really good and reliable on and off-trail. Really deep snow? No problem!